Need irrigation delivery sets? We've got'em!

Saline Lines

Single Saline Line - 2150

Single Spike, with or without clamps and dual spike. Luer connects to reusable or disposable valve controller probes. 10 foot length.

Available in:
Single Spike Irrigation - Reorder #2150, 20 per case.
Single Spike w/ Clamps - Reorder #2350, 10 per case.
Dual Spike w/ Clamps - Reorder #2152, 10 per case.

Lap Vacu-Irrigator

Lap Vacu-Irrigator - 2132

Rotary Valve control of suction and irrigation. Adaptable to all brands of irrigation pumps. 10 foot length.

Single Spike Irrigation - Reorder #2132, 10 per case.